Tuesday, March 22, 2011

eLearning CE: Activity 3 - Ho Yan Jin (02)

Character and traits in leadership:

Leadership are in everyone of us, but sometimes we are leaders, sometimes we are not. If we show behaviour that are wrong, we are not leading others in the right way.

The first trait of a leader is building excellence, by first being a leader of good and honourable character. A leader also has to be honest, competent, forward-looking, inspiring, fair-minded, courageous, straightforward and imaginative. Leaders have also have to have strong characters, showing energy, determination, self-discipline and willpower. This will attract followers, because they feel that he/she can be trusted. 

According to a survey by Korn-Ferry International, respondents said they wanted leaders who are ethical and have a strong vision of the future. A leader has to build his/her character starting by firming up their beliefs, values, skills and traits.

Honesty, integrity and self-respect are important traits too. If a leader does not respect his/her self and lies, would followers still want to follow?

A good leader manages crisis under stressful situations well. Stress, if in right amounts, is  a good thing, helping us to stretch our minds more, and get more things done. Although it might be a little challenge for a leader, he/she should treat it as a challenge and opportunity to learn more and be better and handling situations like these in the future.

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